6 Effective Ways Of Asking A Girl On A Date

Advanced technology has made dating easier and quite fun. Men can ask girls out on the phone or through the internet. This is good for men who are shy, but there are those who are still facing difficulties in winning girls of their choice. There are some effective ways of asking a girl on a date.  Here are some tips that you should keep in mind and they are always handy when you want to ask a girl out. DOWNLOAD

  • Before you start thinking of how to ask a girl out, you must choose the one to approach. Come up with reasons as to why you want to date that girl in particular. Make sure that you do it for the right reasons otherwise the relationship will not last. Every man has his reasons for choosing a certain girl to be his girlfriend.  You should also be fair to the person that you want to date. Do not decide to go out with her for your own benefits. That would be selfish and the relationship will definitely have problems.
  • Be ready to accept any answer that the girl gives you. You may try to have perfect date,  but something can go wrong and this requires you to be ready. If the girl decides to reject you, be calm and do not storm out of the venue.  Continue talking to the girl about other things that you have in common and then leave. Part nicely even if you feel that you have wasted your time planning for the date.
  • Do not get possessive with girl after you chatted on Facebook or through the phone. You may feel like you have a connection but you must be careful to avoid annoying her. Wait until the two of you have decided to date.
  • Be real and avoid pretending to be some one mysterious. Open up and carry on a good conversation and it will be easy for the girl to trust you. Try to have various general topics instead of specializing with discussions about latest music and movies. Allow the conversation to flow to avoid tensed silence.
  • No matter how smitten you may be, you need to control yourself. Giving her that first kiss at the wrong time can ruin your relationship. Keep your hands from her and wait until you are close enough. This is important especially during the first date. This is important when asking a girl on a date with the intention of having great relationship that could move to the next level.
  • During the first date, you should make sure that you pay the bill. Do not allow the girl to pay even if she insists. This means that you should be prepared financially.

If you are feeling shy, talk to an older person who will advise you on how to date a girl. That will help you a lot in asking a girl on a date. Make sure that you treat her right and you stand a chance of wining the heart of your dream girl.


The Art Of Asking A Girl Out


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