Best Macro Photography Lighting Tutorial From The Expert

Several different lighting techniques exist for macro photography, with each method having its own rewards and drawbacks. The best lighting method for one situation may not work at all in another, and some common lighting techniques for macro photography aren’t as helpful as they appear.

Best Macro Photography Lighting Tutorial From The Expert

The most simple lighting method, of course, is to use natural light exclusively, without any flashes or ring lights. On the plus side, natural lighting in macro photography tends to look nicer than artificial light, and, at the right times of day, it can be simply beautiful. However, with the small apertures and fast shutter speeds required for sharp macro photos, natural light sometimes just isn’t bright enough.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about LIGHT in macro photography! It’s a complete tutorial — natural light, ring lights, flash, dual flash, and diffusers. Here’s our earlier tutorial on macro photography as a whole:

Anyway, the full video is below! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback, either in the comments section on this article or below the video on Youtube:

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