8 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

The Reasons Why These 8 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

5. Eggs + bacon

8 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

This combo we all love so much is rich in protein, and scientists believe that this is not so good for our health. Our body spends a lot of energy on digesting such products. That’s why, having had eggs and bacon for breakfast, we deprive ourselves of the energy we need so much at the start of the day.

  • Tip: Substitute bacon with tomatoes. The antioxidant selenium, found in eggs, is better digested with the acids brought by tomatoes. And the lycopene in tomatoes has better health effects for you when it’s combined with the vitamin E from the egg yolk.

4. Bran + milk

8 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

The phytic acid found in bran forms insoluble compounds when it’s combined with calcium and magnesium. It also makes these minerals inaccessible for your body. This acid is also found in wheat grits and oatmeal but in smaller amounts. That is why it’s not recommended to combine these products with milk too often. Moreover, scientists advise you to drink milk separately, 1-1.5 hours after your meal.

  • Tip: Boil bran beforehand because heat treatment breaks down phytic acid.

3. Cereal + orange juice

8 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

Cereal combined with orange juice, especially in the morning, won’t bring you the boost of energy you expect but may cause discomfort and heaviness in your stomach. The acids in orange juice drastically lower the activity of the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates. For this same reason, it’s not recommended to combine grains with any other sour fruits or berries.

  • Tip: It’s better to have your glass of orange or other fruit juice an hour after your meal.

2. Pizza + soda

8 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

The combination of carbs, proteins, and starch takes up a lot of your body’s energy for digestion. Plus, the sugar in your soda slows down stomach processes. This results in stomach heaviness and bloating. In addition, the sugar can’t get to your intestines, where it should be dissolved, because of your full stomach. The combination of these factors can lead to stomach problems if you have this type of meal too often.

  • Tip: Any high-sugar foods should be consumed 1-1.5 hours after you eat.

1. Wheat bread + jam

8 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

Refined wheat flour combined with sweets is a double dose of fast carbs that cause a rapid glucose surge. It will provide you with a boost of energy for just a short time, followed by exhaustion and bad moods. Another argument against this combination is unrest in your bowels, caused by the alliance of yeast-fermented dough and sugar. It’s usually not recommended to have wheat bread with jam on an empty stomach.

  • Tip: Substitute wheat bread with whole wheat bread, especially if it’s non-yeasted. You’re even better off trading jam for honey, since it doesn’t cause bowel unrest and is generally a healthier product.


8 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

We are used to believing that drinking juice is good for our health. However, processed juice contains a lot of sugar: one glass contains about 2 tablespoons of refined sugar. On the other hand, fresh juice is not as useful as it might seem. It doesn’t contain fiber, but it’s still rich in carbs. In order to lose weight faster, it’s better to substitute all your sweet drinks with pure water.

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