Top 10 Knots for Bushcraft & Camping

Top 10 Knots for Bushcraft & Camping – How To Tie Knots

A rope is an essential piece of equipment in the outdoors as it has multiple purposes. From attaching your tarp to the tree to rappeling. But what use is carrying a rope with you if you don´t know how to use it? Knot tying is a very important skill to master when it comes to survival techniques.

Since there are probably a thousand ways to tie a rope, we will only highlight the most important ones and what use they have.

Knot terminology

Before we are going to show you some knots, we are going to explain the different terms used. Even though, people always use the word ´knot´ to refer to tying your rope to another rope or tree, there are different types of knots.

  • Knot: When the two ends of the same rope are secured together.
  • Hitch: When one end of the rope is attached to a tree, ring, or another rope.
  • Bend: A type of knot that connects two separate ropes
  • Lashing: When the rope is used to secure two or more spars (poles) together

As you can see, every type of knot will have a different purpose.

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